Best Residential Areas in Indore | List of Top Localities in Indore

Residence is an important thing for each individual. Indore is an excellent city for having the residence. There are many areas which are the best comfortable residential areas.

Best Residential Areas in Indore

Vijay Nagar:

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, Vijay Nagar is a major residential town. The Indore Development Authority was in charge of its establishment. Because of the continued influx of immigrants, real estate prices have risen sharply and are now among the highest in Indore. Sukhliya, Palasia, and the Khajrana Temple Area are just a few of the well-known suburbs surrounding Vijay Nagar. IDA flats and a host of private societies makes up Vijay Nagar. Some of Vijay Nagar’s well-known residential societies include Shalimar Township, Shekhar Planet, Nandini Vihar, Suyash Club, and BCM Heights. Because of its proximity to industrial areas such as the Indore Special Economic Zone and the Sanwer Industrial Belt, Vijay Nagar’s residential sector has seen rapid development.


Nipania is a well-known residential area in Indore. Vijay Nagar, Bicholi Mardana, Talawali Chanda, Bhawrasla, and Khajrana are all similar to Nipania. Nipania’s residential demand is being driven by improved social infrastructure and proximity to the Indore Special Economic Zone and Sanwer Road Industrial Area. Lifestyle Ocean Park, Skye Luxuria, SS Infinitus, Aarone Countywalk Oasis, and Apollo DB City are some of the well-planned and renowned residential projects in Nipania. It has multi-story luxury apartments and plots for sale. Some of the leading developers include Shekhar Group, Saakaar M B Developer, Skye Earth Developers Pvt Ltd, and Arms Real Estate Developers.

Chandra Nagar:

Chandra Nagar is a residential neighbourhood in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India’s most populous city and commercial centre. As the local population increases, so does the number of coaching centres and lodging motels. In Indore City, it is the Hindu majority town.

Dhar Road:

Indore’s Dhar Road has a strong mix of a budget and value for money hotels. This area is well-suited for those who want the luxury of a decent hotel at a reasonable price, as it provides a better accommodation choice to travellers. The area is well-connected to other parts of Indore and is a common choice for those seeking good value for money when it comes to lodging.

Mahalakshmi Nagar:

Mahalakshmi Nagar is a well-known residential area in Indore’s north-eastern region. It is located near Khajrana, Vijay Nagar, LIG Colony, New Palasia, and Jhalariya. D Lunia Nishdin Aura, Shiv Vatika Brij Residency, Earthshastra Nariman Stage, Sakar Elite Apex, and Space Park are some of the well-planned projects in Mahalakshmi Nagar. Mahalakshmi Nagar is primarily made up of residential apartments and single-family homes.


The AB Road, Indore Bypass Road, and Rau-Pithampur Road provide excellent connectivity to Rau, which is a major residential neighbourhood. It is bordered by Hasanji Nagar, Gurukul Colony, Ashok Vihar Colony, Shramik Colony, and Siddhipuram Colony, among others. The neighbourhood is made up of a mix of residential plots, multi-story flats, and single-family homes. Sarthak Estate Developers, M Jhaveri Group, Shubham Buildcon, Highway Infrastructure Ltd., Agarwal Group, and Sarthak Builders and Developers are some of the major residential developers in the region.

Bicholi Mardana:

Bicholi Mardana is a well-known neighbourhood in Indore. In Bicholi Mardana, there are reportedly 177 properties for sale. It also has 32 rental properties open. There are currently 5 projects in the ready-to-move stage. However, two ventures in Bicholi Mardana have yet to be completed. Sampath Hills and Shiv Shakti Nagar are two nearby localities to Bicholi Mardana. The road is in excellent condition. Multistorey Apartments account for 80% of the properties in Bicholi Mardana.

These are some of the best residential areas in Indore city.

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